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Kayla Diamond: From the Future of Law to the Future of Pop

kayla diamond

If you haven’t already heard of Kayla Diamond, you will know who she is very soon.

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8 Popular Filming Locations in Toronto


Have you binge-watched a show or a movie recently and maybe thought to yourself, “Hey, that looks familiar!”

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Ryan Gosling, From Child Actor to Award-Winning Performances

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling is a very recognizable name in the entertainment industry.

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How to Stay Active in the GTA!

active in gta

If you enjoy cycling, rollerblading, longboarding, or any other activity that involves human-powered wheels on pavement, look out for Toronto’s ActiveTO road closures.

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Delicious Ways to Make Tofu Exciting


When most people think of tofu, the image of a bland, soggy, block of white stuff often comes to mind.

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Vegan Recipes You Must Try


Many people are making the transition into veganism, but for some, it seems like an impossible plant-based hill to climb.

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5 Canadian-made Films Available to Stream Right Now on Netflix

canadian films

Looking for some quality Canadian content? Tired of watching the same movies or shows on repeat?

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Album Review: Morgan Zwicker Jazz Project’s Phase Shift

phase shift

In many ways, it’s a miracle that any music was recorded live in studios this year at all.

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A look into The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto: a place where creative artists flourish!

club toronto

Arts and culture facilities – such as museums, galleries, and festivals – facilitate a sense of belonging.

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3 Easy (and Healthy) One-Pan Recipes

one pan

If you’re like me, you love and hate cooking at the same time. All the dishes and ingredients that are needed and involved to cook a meal make it a real hassle.

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