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Humber College like any other College has things happening from events, surveys, sports games or talks to help.  Today we are going to take a dive into some things that you may be interested in and what’s happening at Humber this week and into next week.

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Ignite at Humber always has something going on whether it’s a chance to meet one of your favourite athletes or an interesting little concert on campus where everyone has a pair of headphones so nobody but them can hear the music.  Yes, this happened when people were just walking around campus, and everyone thought the same thing, what is this whatever it is these people seem to be having a good time.  They even just promote themselves sometimes by having a table set up playing music and asking people questions when they walk by, but they are understanding if you are rushing to a class.  On their website, they are promoting a lot of things that are happening and stuff that you can participate in. The one that sticks out is a question that a lot of students think about is not focusing on your studies 24/7 because College students deserve to have some fun.  This event is also a contest to see who gets to go and all you must do is complete a survey.  This event/contest is called What’s Student Life without some Fun?  Ignite describes it as a great way to make College memories that you will remember, and it is a great way to make new friends.  They also give you a lot of time to enter you have until this Friday, March 24th so if you are looking to take a little break from your studies check out the Ignite website. because they got you covered.

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Just by going to  You can also find ways to get involved in stuff happening around Humber.  Because Humber is not just about classes and events because, on Humber’s website, they have stuff there that can help you enhance your skills.  They have lots of great things that you can do to enhance your skills and even stuff that you may find helpful in some situations.  For example, Humber has a tab that is just for students who are entering or have started their first year on campus.  Where you can book tours to get to know the campus better and for the people who are in their first year at Humber if you have questions who want more help get to know the campus better by getting a mentor.  This website speaks for itself so if you want to see everything it has to offer click the link at the top of this current paragraph.

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Finally, something big that Humber’s office of sustainability is celebrating this month is Earth Month.  Even though Earth Month is in April along with Earth Day the planet that we live on should always be celebrated and taken care of.  All throughout the month of March the office of sustainability has had workshops and events revolving around Earth Month.  Even though this month is almost over there is still a couple of Earth Month events/virtual workshops to participate in.  The big and last one is happening next week on March 28th at Humber North and the other one is taking place at the Lakeshore campus on the 30th.  To find out more about this event you must chat with someone virtually about it to learn about it and here is the link for it.  The Earth is our planet, sometimes the least we can do is participate in an event to thank the Earth.

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Photo from: Humber Website