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Air Canada cancels flight to Tel Aviv, amidst growing tension in the Middle East.

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 16:14:50 | Posted by: George Tsiltidis

After the U-S Federal Aviation Administration decided to cancel all flights to Tel Aviv for 24 hours, Air Canada followed suit by cancelling a flight, scheduled Tuesday night, from Toronto to Tel Aviv (AC84) and the return flight to Toronto (AC85).

The notice came on the heels of a rocket strike, which landed almost two kilometres from the Israeli airport this morning.

Air Canada tweeted out the news this morning.

Spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur added in an e-mail.“We will continue to evaluate the situation and provide updates as needed,”.

Israel’s Transportation Ministry called on the airlines to re-evaluate their decisions saying the airport is “safe for landings and departures.”

However in the wake of the Malaysia Airlines Passenger jet, which was shot down over Ukraine last week, airlines are being far more careful and are now taking risk assessment into their own hands, both for the safety of passengers and to avoid claims of negligence.

Special Investigations Unit clears Toronto police officer of any wrongdoing in a November shooting.

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 15:41:49 | Posted by: George Tsiltidis

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit was called in after a man was shot in his apartment on Kipling Ave last year.



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On the evening of November 4th, two officers were accompanying the man's daughter, while she was collecting her possessions from her fathers apartment.

At that point the man went into the kitchen and started shuffling through utensils before the officer saw the man brandish a knife.

The officer then drew his firearm and made repeated requests for the man to put his weapon down. After refusing to comply, the officer shot him in the chest and leg while feeling his back against the wall.

After the incident the officer handed over his notes, and was interviewed throughout the investigation.

When they had done their due dilligence, the SIU concluded that the officer believed his life was in danger and was legally justified in shooting the man.

Acting director Joseph Martino said "...the subject officer shot when the man refused to drop the knife and neared to within six feet of his location.”

Martino added that the officer’s account of what happened is supported by the partnering officer who witnessed everything, and forensic evidence at the scene.

The SIU is a police watchdog that investigates officers whenever death, serious injury or sexual assault happens.


Charges laid in online ad assault.

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 13:10:02 | Posted by: Krista Quan
Police say Alhaji Kabba, 28, turned himself in on Sunday. He's charged with four counts each of extortion, forcible confinement, armed robbery and uttering threats, after an incident in the city's northwest in which four people were allegedly stripped, beaten and extorted after they responded to an online ad for a car.

The incident happened July 14 when an 18-year-old man and three friends met another man in an underground garage in connection with an online ad about a car for sale.

It's alleged the four were surrounded by men armed with a gun and that they were robbed, beaten, stripped and forcibly held.

Police say the four were beaten again with rocks and threatened with a machete and a gun while their captors forced them to call family and friends for money to secure their release, but they managed to escape four hours later.

Kabba also faces charges including assault causing bodily harm and several firearms-related charges.



Joyride in the Carton University tunnels

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 12:34:24 | Posted by: Krista Quan

Footage shot from a helmet camera shows the rider of a dirt bike zooming through the school's tunnels at night at speeds of up to nearly 90 kilometres an hour.

Carleton University says details from its investigation into an online video showing a motorcyclist speeding through its underground tunnels will be shared with police.

No one else is seen inside the tunnels except for a second person who also takes footage of the ride.

School spokesman Steven Reid says information from the school's internal probe will be shared with Ottawa police for possible charges.

Child in serious condition after struck with a vehicle

Monday July 21st, 2014 16:49:21 | Posted by: Quin Santos

A week after a seven-year-old girl  was struck and killed by a van in Leaside, an eight-year-old boy is recovering after being struck by a car in East York.

Paramedics say the boy suffered a serious head injury when he was struck on Thorncliffe Park Drive, around noon on Sunday.

He was rushed to Sick Kids Hospital. His injuries are said to be serious but not life-threatening and he has been stabilized.

The funeral for Georgia Walsh, who was struck and killed by a minivan at Millwood Avenue and McRae Drive in Leaside, was held today.