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Blackberry business BOOM to come?

August 5, 2014

BlackBerry CEO John Chen told employees on Friday that the company's reorganization that began three years ago has finally come to an end.

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Toronto Hydro submits a five year rate application

August 1, 2014

Toronto Hydro has submitted a five year rate application, saying it is needed to invest in the city's aging hydro infrastructure.

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Stintz drops out of mayoral race

The former chair of the TTC, Karen Stintz has dropped out of the mayoral race. Stintz told reporters at city hall this morning, "It is with great disappointment that I'm announcing my decision to exit the race to be the next mayor of Toronto". She announced her removal from the race amid sagging poll numbers. She also cited financial reasons as rising costs "have impacted her financial ability to continue". Stintz has also announced that she will not be running for her Ward 16 council seat. She has trailed in the mayoral race since the outset and dropped to last place in a recent poll with just 4% of the vote. Stintz says she is dissapointed that her campaign ideas didn't have traction but says "I am proud that I am someone who stood up against the odds to make a difference in the city and through my efforts I believe I made an impact on the mayoral race. It has been an honour and a great privilege to be a part of it.” She left the podium without taking questions and did not mention whether she is supporting another candidate. She says that all she's focused on now is next week's final council meeting and getting her kids ready for school.

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Pan Am Games

Tickets to the Pan Am Games go on sale in September The Toronto Pan Am Games don’t begin until July 2015, but starting on September 15th tickets to see the Pan Am Games will be up for sale. So far, organizers have said there will be over 400 ticketed events and they're looking to sell up to 1.4 million tickets. For high-demand events they plan to use a lottery system so fans have equal access to tickets. They're also going to be flexible when it comes to the price tag for tickets. Athletic events prices will range from $20 to $140. For example, medal and swimming events are on the expensive side with ticket prices ranging from $40 to $140, while baseball, soccer, and rugby are more affordable. But if you want to see the opening ceremonies, which will include a performance by Cirque du Soleil, tickets will cost anywhere from $100 to $350. Tickets can be purchased by phone or through the Games' website and customers will get an email in November to confirm their seats. All other remaining tickets that haven't been reserved will go for sale starting in December. Six thousand athletes from 41 countries are expected to compete at the Games when they kick off on July 10th 2015.

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