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Yukon Blonde

yukon blonde

Canada's Yukon Blonde is currently on their Canadian summer tour. They have been to Oshawa, Niagara, Edmonton and are heading to Calgary and Vancouver.

The group is led by singer and main songwriter Jeff Innes. After releasing a more folk-rock-minded music such as the EP, Everything in Everyway, in 2009, they changed their style to a heavier reliance on synths and bass grooves by their third LP, 2015's On Blonde. They then decided to change as a group and come out as Yukon Blonde in 2008, Kelowna's Jeff Innes was on the guitar, and vocals, Brandon Scott who was also on the guitar, and vocals, Graham Jones played the drums, and was on vocals, and finally Adam Newton was on the bass. The groups original name was Alphababy.

In 2006 the group relased two EP’s called You Gentle Crustacean and Alphababy Live. They were both the opening act and backup band for Jon-Rae Fletcher. However, they decided to move to Vancouver and change the group’s name to Yukon Blonde. The four of them signed with Toronto label Nevado Records and came out with the EP Everything in Every way in late 2009 which included four songs. A livelier full-length debut, Yukon Blonde, followed in early 2010 via Bumstead Records. After recording the album, Newton made the choose to leave the band, and they continued as three members, and ended up hiring a bass player during tours. Their sophomore LP, Tiger Talk, arrived in 2012 on Dine Alone Records, and resulted in the group being nominated for Juno Award under Breakthrough Group of the Year category. Innes decided to take a break from the group to work on a side project called High Ends, the song ended up on the album Super Class which was later released in 2014. Yukon Blonde went back to recording music. They added James Younger (Sun Wizard) who played bass. Younger is from Manchester, England. They also asked Tiger Talk's Colin Stewart to produce their third album. Which was released in mid-2015, There sound attracted Rebecca Grey. Grey had previously played synthesizer and was a backup singer on the record. She became a fifth member of the group. The group got a chance to follow On Blonde in 2018 with their Critical Hit. Critical hit was released in 2008 and includes thirteen songs which are Too Close to Home, Love the Way You are, Emotional Blackmail, Cry, Hardly Even There, Feeling Digital, Summer in July, Crazy, The Bluffs, Painting On A Smile, This Is Spain, and Ritual Of The Docks. It was mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Belle and Sebastian, the Kooks).

For more information on the album Critical Hit, tickets or tour dates head here.

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