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Where Are They Now? Degrassi: The Next Generation


Ahh Degrassi High. Tackling all the issues our parents didn’t know how to talk to us about and the ones we didn’t know how to ask about. Degrassi helped us navigate teenage angst like no other teen drama could  We grew up walking the halls of Degrassi, right along with Emma, Manny, Spinner and so many others. When someone was getting bullied we understood how that felt, when someone got hurt, we got hurt and when something really big happened we ran to school the next day to discuss the episode with our friends. It was the Canadian drama of the 00’s. We grew up with the cast as if they were our classmates. So, not unlike our real classmates it’s natural to wonder, where are they now?

Emma Nelson

degrassi 2

Image courtesy of @miriamkatherine26

Emma Nelson was a main character played by Miriam McDonald. As the daughter of Shane and Spike from Degrassi Junior High, Miriam played the titular character for 10 seasons alongside her best friend Manny Santos. After a few failed attempts to launch her acting career past Degrassi fame, McDonald found herself making guest appearances on shows like Orphan Black and Lost Girl as well as starring in a never heard of movie with Game Of Thrones heartthrob Jason Mamoa, called Wolves. In 2015, McDonald hinted at starting a real estate career but these days she can be found on Instagram sharing posts about food, fitness and fashion.

Manny Santos

degrassi 3

Cassie Steele played title character Manuela “Manny” Santos for 10 seasons. After Degrassi, Steele landed a lead role on Canadian drama series “L.A Complex” in 2012. “L.A Complex” came to an end after 2 short seasons and Steele went on to star in TV movies like Sorority Surrogate, The Dorm and Shark Zombie (yes, really). Throughout her acting career Steele also focused her talents on music releasing her first album in 2005 and her last album as recently as 2014. You can see Ms. Steele in upcoming crime movie Paint It Red, set for release Dec 2017.

Spinner Mason

degrassi 4

Known as one of the school bullies who was behind the shooting that put Jimmy Brooks in a wheelchair, Gavin “Spinner” Mason was written out of Degrassi” TNG after 9 seasons as a series regular. So where is the actor who played Spinner now? Kippel stayed off the screens for the most part, making guest appearances on Canadian series Life with Derek and starring in Canadian movie Dog Pound (check out the trailer here, it actually looks pretty good). Shane Kippel was last seen reprising his role on the last season of Degrassi that aired in 2014.

Mia Jones

degrassi 5

Mia Jones, portrayed by actress Nina Dobrev, was on Degrassi for a short 3 seasons before finding fame with popular CW drama The Vampire Diaries. Nina played the lead role, Elena Gilbert, for six seasons before announcing in April 2015 that she was leaving the show. Dobrev went on to star in a couple of movies and can most recently be seen on the big screen alongside Vin Diesel in XXX: Return of Xander Cage. Dobrev has also promised to reprise her role as Elena Gilbert for the series finale of Vampire Diaries, so you can look forward to seeing her there in the near future. 

James “Jimmy” Brooks

degrassi 6

The biggest star to emerge from Degrassi fame is obviously none other than Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Aubrey, better known as Drake aka the self-proclaimed 6ix God went on to…well, unless you’ve been living under a rock you pretty much know exactly what he went on to so you definitely don’t need this list to tell you where he is now. 

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