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What’s Trending? Back at it again…

damn daniel

If your name is Daniel, this last week must have been one heck of a week for you. With the “Damn Daniel” video surfacing over reading week, people can’t help but say “Damn Daniel”. But if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. About 2 weeks ago a video surfaced on the internet of a compilation of snapchat videos posted by high school sophomore, Josh Holz. Holz followed his friend, 14-year-old Daniel Lara, while uttering the phrase “damn Daniel”. The videos immediately went viral and the two have been the hot topic of many entertainment radio stations and talk shows.

damn daniel 2

The two can be seen on the Ellen DeGeneres show where the two answered various questions regarding the nature of the video as well as receiving gifts from the talk show host. If you ask me though I don’t think the gifts given to these boys were very fair. Josh Holz’s who actually created the videos only got a surfboard with the words “damn Daniel” written on the bottom, while Daniel, who does absolutely nothing impressive in the videos got a lifetime supply of Vans. This has relevance because of the line Holz says; “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans”. Talk about unfair gifts, but who could complain when you get to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show just for posting your snapchat videos to the internet. If only all our lives could get that awesome.

damn daniel 3

And this now iconic line has created some hilarious memes.

damn daniel 4

Just proves to you, that even the simplest of things can go viral, but be careful what you post because the video has been taken down because someone hacked Josh Holz twitter account, yikes!

But have no fear you can watch the video here:

damn daniel 5

Written by Tori Fixman