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What would college be without Tim’s? Dreadful

By: Shanna Jones 

tim hortons

While it is the support of our parents and loved ones, I think we all know what entity helps us through the stress of college semester or year. Tim Hortons. Not just the coffee, but the very establishment of Tim’s.

Don’t get me wrong, the coffee is absolutely necessary. I don’t know anyone who walks into an 8:00 a.m. lecture without a cup of warm salvation nestled in their palms (especially during the winter months). 

Or, if you’ve left home in a rush because early morning classes are struggle to get to, grab a just-prepared toasty breakfast. A breakfast wrap of your choice just waiting for you to devour it and become ready to hit the books.

On a quick break? Grab a toasted Cinnamon Raisin bagel with that lovely goop of too-much creamed cheese or slather of butter (do you ever get just the right amount on your bagel?) and another cup of coffee. Or just a donut to start a sugar rush and wake up your possibly still-sleeping body.

To encourage class participation during group presentations, what’s better than Timbits? “Guys, answer a question and we’ll give you Timbits!” This announcement never fails to get hands raising helps keep eyes and ears open when speaking in front of the class.

When I think of those I’ll thank with all my heart for getting me through another year of school, my family and friends are most definitely at the top of the list. Not far behind though, and closer than you think, is the ever-reliant Tim Hortons. 

Thanks for everything, Tim’s.