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Vancouver’s Post-Punk Duo HERMETIC Take You On One Final Memorable Ride With Postscript


A good album should be like a road trip, taking you through all sorts of locales, peaks and valleys, and ending in a different place than where it began. With their new album Postscript, Hermetic manage to do all that, and with a running time that clocks in at under thirty minutes, the work feels no less substantial. This album -- the final one for the Vancouver duo -- is definitely worth your time.

There’s a sense of nostalgia throughout Postscript, right from first track “Fault-Finding Mission”, with a stoic vocal delivery that perhaps betrays a slight sense of wistfulness. With the song “Glass”, a catchier and punchier Hermetic begins to emerge, and “Working Slob” gets into a bit of an odd, fun groove before ending abruptly. With those first three tracks, the groundwork has been laid for the rest of the album, with the remaining songs showing varying degrees of scratchy funk, power pop, and a knack for melody. On through the galloping drums and guitar feedback of “Relics”, the sludgy bounce of “Anathema”, and the fiery and distorted “Smoke”, the band dials in on many different sounds without any real redundancies. By the time the instrumental title track wraps things up and the ride is over, it really does feel like you’ve heard a complete album.

What we have with Postscript is Hermetic digging its heels in for the duration of its twelve songs, with bright and varied guitar tone, brisk drumming, and a lo-fi style of production that’s also has a real sense of summer and warmth to it. Check out at Hermetic’s Bandcamp page via digital, or even order a limited edition mustard yellow cassette tape.

By Sean Madigan