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Twin Flames showcase the importance of being proud of their roots through their songs

Twin Flames are a group of husband and wife that represents their First Nation heritage through their music blends.

twin flames

Husband and Wife duo, Jaaji and Chelsey June are known for mixing their First Nations and Inuit music blends with contemporary folk. They have written their songs in different languages such as English, French and Inuktitut.

Both have their connections with Canada’s First Nations. Jaaji is a mix of Inuk and Mohawk and is originally from Nunavik, Quebec. Chelsey is metis from the Algonquin Cree and is from Ottawa.

Before forming the duo and even meeting, both were solo artists and gathered their separate following. Jaaji had a following across the Arctic and Chelsey captivated her following with her roots storytelling music.

They originally met in the summer of 2014 when they met at a filming for a television series called TAM (Talent Autochtone Musicaux) where they were featured as individual artists. They decided a little later that they would form a group, and Twins Flames was born.

The name they picked represented their intensity and passion for their music.

They faced some issues when first touring. Their already established fans had to get through the idea of them not being a solo act. Because of their unique spin on First Nation and Inuk music, they had issues of getting people to listen to their new vision. But with help of their quality music and genuine attitudes towards First Nations, they quickly started to win over people from all walks of life.

A year later, in 2015, Twin Flames released their debut album Jaaji and Chelsey. They were nominated for many awards and eventually won their first award in 2016 from the Canadian Folk Music Awards for Aboriginal Songwriters of the Year.

In between of touring and getting awards, they were able to take their time to travel to Nunavut to take part of a Mental Health Tour.

After coming off from their recent success after one album, Twin Flames quickly got to work on their second album, Signal Fire, which came out in 2017 and did nothing but build the duo on their talent and recognition with also staying close to their First Nation roots.

Jaaji talked about how it was challenging getting time to the studio while touring across Canada. But with producer Jake Jones, they were able to create their 12-track album, Signal Fire.

For Signal Fire, they were nominated for many awards, including a number from the Native American Music Awards which includes Best Music Video Recording Performance for Broke Down Ski’Tuuq, Best Historical/Linguistic Performance, Best Americana Recording, Song of the Year for Rise Up, Record of the Year and won both Duo of the Year and Best Folk Recording.

To add on to their amazing year, in September they decided to take the next step of their relationship and got married.

Recently in 2019, Twin Flames were chosen to make a song for a partner of UNESCO called Folk Alliance International 2019. They were tasked to write the official song to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

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Their song gained them international listenership and gave people from all not only from Canada to see their stories, to learn their language and to understand why it’s important that they get their messages out through their songs.

The song was so successful that it peaked 4th on the Indigenous Music Countdown. They described the songs as a way to bring people together when they are in a society that focuses too much on colour of skin, language, religion and other reasons.

They will be continuing their career and will continue to stretch what’s possible and even do the impossible while representing their First Nation communities with all that they could.

You can find more information on Twin Flames here.

Kyle Drinnan