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Travelling on a College Budget


If you’ve ever wanted to get away from it all and really just disappear for a while, why haven’t you done it? Is it because of money, or more importantly… your lack of money? Well that’s okay, we’ve all had 10$ to our name, and nobody will judge you for that. Radio Humber has already given you some of the best tips to really save money while living in college, and maybe now you have a few bucks in your pocket, so what’s next?

Travelling is expensive, requires every single detail to be planned out, and a fair amount of those plastic bills that we call money.  Sucks…right? Well we here at Radio Humber want to help you figure out how to leave the country for a bit and enjoy yourself!

You need to factor everything into the plan when preparing for a trip. You need to pack clothes, a passport, money (DUH), and a friend to travel with. Travelling alone can be dangerous, so always bring a buddy! (you also need someone to take good Instagram photos of you )

When travelling between countries, costs go up and down due to the currency exchange rate, in the case of our older brother to the south, US dollars are worth more than Canadian dollars, so you need to make it work. We did the research for you and put together a budget so you don’t have to!

Transportation $224

Lodging $150

Food/Drinks $155

Entertainment $52

Total $581

Cost-per-day $144

Keep in mind: 1 United States Dollar equals 1.33 Canadian Dollar

Now that you have budget planned out for your trip, you can now pick your destination and fly away!

John Kennedy