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Toronto Artist Profile - DCF

By Chelsie Popp (@chellybeats)

June 15th 2016

(Source: @princedcf) 

A cover of fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ played loudly for a silent crowd at the Danforth in Toronto on the first day of Canadian Music Week 2016. DCF’s rendition of the song was slower and played at a different pace, sounding more genuine than the overplayed version. He wowed the crowd with his original playlist including songs about hookup culture, relationships, and his mother.

DCF (or as his family and friends know him, David Charles Fischer) is one of Toronto’s most brilliant pop artists. As the city’s music scene grows, fans are routinely drawn to the big names that Toronto has bred. That, and small indie/alternative bands that are a current trend. But are we missing out on a wonderful, reinvented genre because of its bad reputation? Are we too busy jamming to Drake when we could be listening to the sweet sounds of originality hidden in the city’s smaller venues? Welcome to Toronto’s new pop music.

DCF is originally from Elora, ON; a tourist town known most for its beautiful swimming holes and artsy personality. Amidst vegan hot spots and small town pubs grew a “bad boy next door” pop enthusiast, a rarity in today’s music-snobbery society. His most recent compilation, ‘Pop Songs’, is known as his “go big or go home” LP and is filled with relatable songs about staying in your bedroom, meeting girls who like comic books, and revelations about his past.

(Source: @princedcf)

Not only does he share the contents of his brain in his music, he is also known for his highly aesthetic, pink-toned social media branding. It’s obvious by his Twitter and Instagram that this guy is a straight up feminist who cares about the social and political issues we’re facing in the world, but also loves a good television show binge and bath.

Recently, DCF has been tweeting and making it known that he is working on new delicious tunes for our ears. Writing with the likes of Canadian, Tyler Shaw and old school controversial band, 3OH!3’s Nathaniel Motte, the new album is sure to be a solid hit. You can also see DCF perform in all his glory back in his hometown, at RiverFest Elora 2016 from August 19th to 21st, alongside many other Canadian musicians such as Chromeo, The Zolas, and The Sheepdogs.    

(Source: @princedcf)