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TOPS make their way to the top with a new video


Canadian Indie rock band TOPS, makes a return to the music scene with a new visual for one of their latest songs, “Colder and Closer”. This is one of their latest singles off of their upcoming album “I feel alive”, that will release on April 3. This band consist of the group members, Jane Penny, David Carriere, Riley Fleck, and their newest edition to the band, Marta Cikojevic. Cikojevic joined the band in 2017 as a keyboardist, and recorded this album in a basement studio in the city of Montreal.

"From the first time we practiced with her it was clear that we were in sync musically, and we found ourselves improvising together at the first rehearsal" says Penny. "Having Marta manning the keys allowed me to reach for my flute, and gave me the chance to integrate my flute playing with the writing process, using it as an expressive instrument rather than more production element which it has been in the past." 

This is their fourth album while being in the Canadian indie rock industry.

"It was a quick process," says fellow band member and guitarist/song-writer, David Carriere.

"We would work all day writing a song and then demo them the same evening, relying on our natural chemistry as a band to let the songs come into their own", said Carriere. 


The Montreal dynamic seizes the music industry through a particularly difficult time in society, with a riveting song about sharing a closeness with a certain individual. Some may find the concept comical while being in a period of time where people are being told to keep a distance from each other for health purposes. Never the less, the song itself gives off a pop sensation to that forces you to get on your feet. The lead singer Jade Penny stars in the official music video, while effortlessly serenading the camera. Her melodic tone gives off a sequence of pitches throughout the song, while giving of a futuristic vibe. 

"We'd spent a lot of time apart, not working on new stuff or touring, just living life, all in different cities," says Penny. When we went to make I Feel Alive we all had a good sense of what we were trying to do and a renewed energy towards playing together. The goal was to get in a room together and play, not holding anything back” said Penny.

The band is soon to hit the road for a tour beginning in April. The tour itself will consist of a few Canadian shows like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

Stay tuned to listen to their upcoming album “I feel alive”, but for now here is the tracklist:

  1. Direct Sunlight
  2. I Feel Alive
  3. Pirouette
  4. Ballads & Sad Movies
  5. Colder & Closer
  6. Witching Hour
  7. Take Down
  8. Drowning In Paradise
  9. OK Fine Whatever
  10. Looking To Remember
  11. Too Much

Ashley Radcliffe