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Top three songs by Preoccupations

Calgary post-punk band Preoccupations have been major contributors to Canada’s solid indie music reputation.

Despite a controversial past with their previous band name, They have been able to successfully kick off this rebranding with a new chapter of mesmerizing and dense music. A refreshing restart for a group with immense potential.

While they do have a decent amount of recognition for their output, they still slip away from quite a few people’s music radar. With that in mind, here are three of the best songs from Preoccupations that anyone unfamiliar with them should try out.

1. Degraded: A track that perfectly showcases the bands’ ability to balance artistic vision with accessibility. It’s a fun song that carries out an underlying musical theme on the rest of their self-titled project: waves of blistering rock instruments beautifully accented by subtle electronic beats and synthesizer lines.

2. Stimulation: Reverb-washed guitar chords coincided by a breakneck drum beat that carries on through the entire track. What’s not to like? An absolute essential in their discography.

3. Memory: The grandest has been saved for last. This eleven- and-a-half minute monster is a true show-and-tell of Preoccupations’ skills as songwriters. A playful bass line glosses over an earworm of a drum beat before reaching the vocal performance. After about even minutes’ worth of this, along with a noteworthy key change, the remaining five minutes are drenched in ambient swirls of distorted guitar feedback and lingering synth chords. The title says it all: it’s a memorable one.

By: John Pattee