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Top Ten Eye Opening Canadian Olympic Outfits!

By Nathan White (@NathanWhiteNDW)

So, the new Olympic uniforms are out, and the only thing I can say is that I have been waiting for an outfit that lets me go on a date, hit the slopes, and be used as pajamas for a long time. But this isn’t the first time Canada has made some questionable choices for the Olympic outfits. So let’s go through ten of the best and worst choices for Canadians at the Olympics.


Rio 2016 – Our Summer Formalwear

Here they are. The only thing I can say is that I have been waiting for an outfit that lets me go on a date, hit the slopes, and be used as pajamas, for a long time. It works for both casual and formal events! They are our 2016 Summer uniforms 


Nagano 1998 – The Sideways Flag Winter Version


Hey what is that outside our window? A droopy Canadian Flag. Perfect, let’s make it into a uniform. Red, white, and red again. These were pretty straightforward as far as Canadian Uniforms go and they get the message across. A little puffy, but it was the nineties and you could get away with that. 

Athens 2004 – The Sideways Flag / Summer Version


We aren’t always the most original, but at least this is something I could picture someone wearing outside.  

Calgary 1988 - Yeehaw!


This is my favorite interpretation of the Red and White: The Canadian Winter Cowboy/Cowgirl. Hey, these games took place in Calgary, and while there aren’t many horse events in the winter, it is nice to give the games a bit of Albertan flare.

Atlanta 1996 – The 1930’s Look


I think the sunhats make this outfit. We look pretty intimidating in suits that look like they were made for the 1930’s Mob. We brought home 22 medals that year, so we were doing something right, even if the uniforms were a little wrong.

Paris 1900- The Pennsylvania University Uniform


The year is 1900 and it is the turn of the century. Canada gets its first gold medal. George Orton won first in the 2500m steeple chase. However, he wore his University of Pennsylvania shirt. As far as Canadian uniforms go, this one is pretty far from our best. We could surely do better.

Stockholm 1912 – The Canadian Jersey


Sure it is simple, but these were simpler times. It says everything it needs to and is clearly legible. It is simple and straight to the point. Unlike our next uniform….

Grenoble France – 1968 – Warmth Over Fashion


Some have been weirder than others. We have had a few ups and downs, but our 1968 uniforms were more about staying warm than looking stylish. While those hats look comfy, I don’t know if I would want to walk around in what looks like a striped sleeping bag. They were, however, a lot less busy and colorful than our next uniforms.

Barcelona 1992 – Colors and Claws


I don’t know if it is that the Leaf makes it look like everyone has claws or all the colours mixed with a cowboy hat, but this was one of the more ostentatious interpretations of our uniforms.

Beijing 2008 – The Spotted Canadian


I spot 101 Dalmatians. You want your uniforms to be recognizable and these have that in spades. Or maybe in maple leaves. Either way, it sure draws your eye, but not necessarily in the best way.

Vancouver 2010 – The Bonus Accessory!


Shout out to the one of the bestselling Olympic accessories and one design that people would actually use in their daily lives.