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Back to school commercials have already hit your television screens and it’s always a bummer to see those because you know in the back of your mind that summer is shortly coming to an end. Don’t worry though I’ve got the top five things for you to do before your summer comes to an end.

5. The Exhibition

From August 18th to September 4th head to the Exhibition and basically get your last bit of fun that summer has to offer. From the exotic deserts and the exhilarating rides, you’ll soak up all summer has to offer in just one day.

4. Canada’s Wonderland

Now I don’t need introduce this amusement park because it’s basically one of the best amusement parks that Canada has to offer. With their new and improved water park the amusement park has much more to offer than just the drop zone. Also, you can’t forget to get their famous funnel cakes that have the bees chasing you.

3. Wasaga Beach

Everyone at least goes to Wasaga beach once a summer and you haven’t been you need to go. Grab a couple friends, get a portable barbecue and get to grilling some meat as you hear the sound of the beaches waves hit the tide’s shore. Don’t worry about competing with others when it comes to a summer body, there’s no judgement down on Wasaga.

2. Drive around the city at night

Drives at night around the city on a summer cool night is when one of the best feelings ever. Having your windows down feeling the cool breeze while listening to some drake and seeing the city lights makes you feel like you’re in a movie don’t won’t stop filming. When you’re tired of driving hop out the car and walk around the city at night with your friends and reminisce about old times.

1. Just enjoy the moment.

Summer comes and goes so fast you never think you have enough time to do everything you want to do. Just enjoy being young, live wild and feel free!

Trestan Hardie