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Top Beaches to Hit This Summer


The beautiful weather has finally arrived and that means it’s soon to be beach season. With the first day of summer just around the corner (June 21st) to be exact it’s time to start planning those summer days and summer nights.

Every Torontonian knows how hot our city gets in the summer and Toronto is not no tropical paradise, but there are still many beautiful beaches to go to within the GTA that make you feel like it’s almost paradise on those nice hot days. In this blog, I’ll be letting you know what beaches you should definitely check out over the summer (in no specific order).

The Bluffs – The Scarborough Bluffs are definitely a Toronto Favorite. This beach is at Bluffers park and its very well maintained. You can go hiking on scenic trails and at night you can even have a bonfire on the beach with your besties. It’s located at the end of Brimley Road.

Woodbine – Woodbine beach is another fun close get away right in Toronto. It’s also the city’s fav beach spot for Volley Ball and it’s always packed. The best part about woodbine is there are 2 other beaches right beside it with a 2-minute walking distance just in case you decide to beach hop and switch up the scene. The beaches that are right next door are called Kew and Balmy Beach.

Cherry Beach – If you’re looking for a different kind of beach scene, Cherry beach is where it’s at. Cherry beach is way more chilled out compared to the load noisy beaches packed with people and is more of a place for surfboarding and kite-boarding.

Hanlan’s Point Hanlan’s Point is mostly known for being a nude beach because there are only 2 of them, but there is a side for people who would rather stick to their swimming trunks! This beach is right on the Toronto Islands. 

Wasaga Beach – Wasaga Beach is not as close to the city like the rest of them, but it’s definitely worth the drive. People from all over the GTA head up to Wasage Beach during the summer season because it’s full of hype. There are always all kinds of events going on and a bunch of beach shops to run through.

These are just some of the top spot beaches I named, but there are many other beaches I haven’t named that you should defiantly check out over the summer just ask Siri. 

Antonia Altomonte