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Top 5 Toronto Throwbacks

toronto throwback

Our beautiful city is known as the largest and most vibrant of Canada’s urban centres.  It is the core of the nation’s commercial, industrial, financial and cultural life and the capital of Ontario. 

Torontonians of all cultures and ethnicities fill the streets and give the city its reputation of being a diverse home to many. We take pride in our city and its history and we can appreciate the past by reminiscing on important memories.

There is no better way to honour our home than to take a look at Toronto’s top five throwbacks. 

Canada’s National Tower, better known as the CN Tower, is considered to be one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It is a concrete observation tower that stands 553.3 meters high.   It was originally built on the former Railway Lands and when it was completed in 1976, it was considered the world’s tallest freestanding structure and the world’s tallest tower of all time.  Here’s a throwback of our nation’s tower nearing its completion in December 1975. 

Old City Hall is a piece of history that is recognized by many as it demonstrates exquisite artistry through jaw-dropping techniques.  Toronto’s third City Hall took nearly 20 years to plan and put together.  The building’s budget was $600,000 and was completed for about $2.5 million.  Here is a throwback of Old City Hall when it was new back in 1900. 

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The Silver Dollar Room was recognized by many Torontonians as the live music venue.  It was located right beside the main floor of the Hotel Waverly downtown Toronto.  The Silver Dollar Room opened its doors in 1958 and after 60 years of being a live music hub, The Silver Dollar Room shut down on May 1, 2017.  Torontonians recognize this venue as home to lo-fi, electro, indie, rock, garage, psych, punk, bluegrass and so many more.

Here’s a throwback of our Canadian professional basketball team the Toronto Raptors.  The team became a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA) back in 1995 along with the Vancouver Grizzlies who eventually became the Memphis Grizzlies.  Once the Grizzlies swapped teams, the Toronto Raptors became the only Canadian-based team in the NBA.  Most remember throwback Raptors to have stars like Vince Carter and Chris Bosh and purple jerseys with the Raptor dinosaur plastered on it. 

Most of the world recognizes him as the OVO God, Drizzy, Aubrey or champagnepapi.  But Torontonians recognize him as Jimmy Brooks.  Here’s a throwback of Toronto’s very own, Drake starring in Degrassi: The Next Generation.   In the hit teen drama, Brooks is a basketball star who was shot by a classmate, which caused him to become physically disabled from the waist down.  His role on Degrassi ended in 2009 when Drizzy was working on creating music without the producer’s permission.  Degrassi producers gave Drake a choice: either continue working on the show or work on his music – you can guess what happens next. 

By: Julia Colavecchia