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Top 5 Places to Go in Toronto

5. CN Tower

The poster child of Toronto tourism comes in the form of a 553m or 1’800-foot-tall tower. At one point in its life it held the record for tallest free-standing structure on the planet for 30 + years. Currently that record has been surpassed however it still remains as one of the most beautiful places to visit and have a look at the amazing city that lies below. In the tower you can stand on glass floors overlooking a massive drop, you can take in the view of the city day or night, have a dinner and even walk atop the colossus in their patented edgewalk.

View from the CN Tower

4. Cabana Pool Bar

Now if you live in Toronto, it’s summer, and you can’t afford a fancy vacation to the Caribbean try out Cabana Pool Bar on Polson Pier in Toronto. This party location brings the Caribbean to you, with private cabana’s, daybed’s, a pool, and much more. This location is perfect for those who want to get their summer party on with all their friends. Ladies get in free before 3PM.

Cabana louge chairs

3. Sporting Event

No matter what kind of fan you are: diehard, hardcore, casual, not at all. There is a place for you in Toronto sports. The Toronto fanbase has always loved its teams whether it’s the Blue Jay’s, Raptors, Maple Leafs, or even the Argo’s and they’re always welcoming new fans to watch and support the Toronto proud. This includes chanting, cheering, and singing along to all the music played at these events. As well as watching whatever sport you choose. A sporting event will always be available in Toronto year-round, and the selection is ever growing.

The Rodgers Baseball Dome

2. Kensington Market

One of Toronto’s most intriguing places to visit Kensington Market has something for everyone. This shopping experience is open year-round and host’s a plethora of things to do and see. With something always going on this is one of Toronto’s must-see locations, for tourists and Torontonian’s alike.

a shop in the market

1. Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square. One of the most beautiful places in all of Toronto is host to City Hall. Complete with a peace garden, farmers market, and reflecting pool this area is one you can’t miss in the summer. But is absolutely to die for in the winter when the pool turns into a massive outdoor skating rink. With lights and snow, it’s almost as if the scene is taken straight out of a movie there is absolutely no way you could skip out on this treat whether you know how to skate or not. Winter is slowly coming and usually that’s a sign of going back to school or back to work, when it really should be a sign for only a couple more month’s till I can skate and bask in the beauty of Nathan Phillip’s Square.

In front of the square