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Three up and coming Canadians on Youtube

Three up and coming Canadians on Youtube

The digital media realm is chock full of content and is updated en mass every second. At times, it can feel overwhelming and oversaturated, meaning that many who create quality material can easily get swept under the rug.

Some of these creators are Canadians, and while their following is no measly feat, they surely deserve even more. More specifically, these three Canadians are proving to be fantastic contributors to the music domain in various ways.

Beat DropCalgary’s Mitch Lee should be a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in expanding their music production skills. His videos range from Q&A style communication to In-depth tutorials on the nuances of music editing software. His visuals are great, and shows that he puts a lot of care into his output.

SamuraiguitaristImmense talent and variety. Hailing from Winnipeg, this creator provides anything from covers to guitar lessons. His music theory prowess is very impressive, yet he is able to condense such large and at times complicated ideas into accessible and straightforward videos. Educational, pleasant, and engaging. Check him out.

Spectrum PulseBased in Toronto, this critic of various forms of pop culture puts a lot of thought and effort into constructing his opinions. His content is made up if exactly what he says at the beginning of every upload: “music, movies, art and culture.” Furthermore, he bases his video scheduling based on audience request, so he reviews and provides thoughts strictly on what his viewers want to see/hear. A channel well worthy of any music fan’s time.

By: John Pattee