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Theory of a Deadman’s Upcoming Album: What to Expect

By Samantha Roman (@SamiPeach)

Tyler Connolly is the master of teasing his fan – by telling them absolutely nothing. Although you will find multiple posts on his Instagram account (@TylerConnollyTheory) hinting that he is busy hammering away at something which has no name or release date. But these posts do make one thing clear: the band is still joined at the hip and making music.

Tyler Connolly

(Photo Credit: @TylerConnollyTheory / Instagram) 

It can be frustrating for a fan to talk over the naysayers. “They sound too much like Nickelback!” And they are correct. Back in the day, Chad Kroeger played a major role in developing lyrics for the band’s first album. But that album was released over 17 years ago (and not confuse you, but the title of that album was called ‘Theory of a Deadman” by Theory of a Deadman). A lot has changed since then.

If I played you “Drown” off Theory of a Deadman’s most recent album “Savages”, you would think you were listening to the band Metallica of the “Nothing Else Matters” era. Alice Cooper is also featured on the album and you can already determine that the band is becoming more edgy as the years progress.

Scrolling through the comments on Tyler’s Instagram, fans urge the singer to keep the sound on the new album dark and edgy. That is not to say Tyler plans to go from sweetheart to super villain (he always mixes darkness with light). In the past, each album reaches both extremes on the emotional spectrum, highlighting hardship and overcoming struggle.

So what can we expect? Given Connolly’s knack for writing within, you will hear songs that are not for radio play. That is not to discourage you from enjoying the music, but some songs will most likely be better consumed at a concert or in transit on your way home. It is like that for many artists who create great music – not everything can be played on the airwaves.

Expect to hear a few party songs (“Bad Girlfriend”) because this band knows how to create a down and dirty mix that will have you dancing on tables (but please don’t hurt yourself). Emotional songs? You betcha! You might be mad at an ex-girlfriend, but nobody is madder than Tyler. And truthfully, nothing is more majestic than letting those feelings out at the Sound Academy in Toronto while the bartender runs out of ice (good grief). We yell together, we cry together, we come out the other side!

My hunch is that the new album will be released in 2017 while the band takes time to enjoy their summer plans and unwind. Until then, you should purchase “Savages” on iTunes and go see for yourself what all the hype is about. You won’t be disappointed.