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The Names Bond, James Bond.

By Kenan Habibovic

james bond

Spectre the newest installment of the James Bond franchise was released this weekend and in typical family fun my father and I carried out our tradition of going to the movie theaters and watching the new action flick. We have such a great time together, I watch a Bond film (which was really good by the way) and he starts to snore about half way through the movie. It really is true quality bonding time between father and son.

After I woke him up as the credits were rolling, knowing the answer already I asked him who his favourite Bond character was. As I said, knowing his answer was going to be Roger Moore, it started to get me thinking about my personal favourite actor to portrait the 007 agent.

Growing up in a James Bond household, I was raised on VHS tapes of all the old classics. Moonraker, From Russia With Love, Octopussy and Goldeneye just to name a few. However the question is yet to be answered, which man played the role best?

I only ask myself this now because the man who has had the role for the last four flicks, Daniel Craig, is on his way out and it looks like he’s played his last role which made watching this movie all that more special. You could almost say we’re watching the Roger Moore or Sean Connery of our time take his final bow.

Daniel Craig is everything you want in a Bond. He’s clever, witty, charming and deadly with a weapon in his hand. I’d have to say for personal preference we have just witnessed the best James Bond dawn the double 0-7 badge. So with that said who do you think did it best. Daniel Craig? Roger Moore? Sean Connery? Peirce Brosnan? Or maybe even Timothy Dalton (probably not though lets be serious, right?) Whoever you decided make sure you go catch this latest movie before you make your decision, because it could be one of the best Bond films I’ve seen in my lifetime. 

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