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The modern day R2-D2

By: Jc Pasqua

r2d2 modern day

The age of droids and starships might not be as “far, far away” as George Lucas suggests.   Piaggio, the makers of Vespa, designed an autonomous cargo robot called Gita (jee-ta). Gita (meaning “short journey” in Italian)  is a lightweight robot that carries your personal items and follows you on the go. Gita stands 26 inches tall, can carry up to 40lbs and reaches top speeds of 22 mph.

Gita was designed using the theory of “Granular Mobility” which takes into account the space people use when moving and what they carry with them. The idea is that Gita can carry your personal items for you keeping them close by for security. Gita can carry as much as the average person and keeps up whether you're walking, running, or biking. Videos on Piaggio’s website also suggest that Gita can walk your dog and even make a trip to the wine rack.

Not only is Gita great for personal use but the commercial possibilities are endless. Imagine the world of the future where Gitas deliver parcels to your home or office. Gita could potentially assist first hand responders with carrying life saving equipment to someone in distress, the possibilities are endless. A larger model known as Kilo is capable of carrying up to 250 pounds and larger pieces of cargo. Gita is set to be released to the public this year but no price has been listed at this time.

Although Gita is a long way from repairing your starship and navigating the universe it is the start of a new age of technology. With this innovation and the growing popularity of drones, personal robots will soon become as common as today's cellphone. 

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