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The Legacy of The BeaverTail

Canada is home to many delicious treats that are not as well recognized as they should be across the world. Can we get some more respect for Poutine, Timbits, Lay’s Ketchup Chips, and the biggest omission of all, Beavertails?! Introduced to the country well before the name and actual dessert was trademarked, since 1978 Beavertails have remained a Canadian staple at fairs, tourist attractions and just as a general treat should a place that serves them nearby! So where did these delicious donuts come from, and just how many variations exist! We are going to go through all that and more throughout this page!

A comprehensive history of the Beavertail has not technically been published, meaning the exact date as to when it was first made is difficult to find, however it is easy to obtain information regarding how it came to be! Let’s take it back to Canada’s first settlers, Beaver was unfortunately a common delicacy back then, which seeing as it was new land and obviously delicacies were limited back then it is understandable as to why they would eat any resources they could. So how does this relate to the doughy goodness we know today?

The beaver’s tail is obviously an iconic figure; however, settlers would eat this tail, and eventually they began cooking their bread in the same type of shape. The type of dough they would use required little to no rising or proofing, so simply using this to cook quickly and moving on was more efficient for their travels! Not only that but it was more than delicious and somewhere along the line, the dough would be caked in sugar, much akin to the Beavertails we know today! In 1978, the dessert was officially trademarked by BeaverTails Canada Inc. and thus began the Beavertail empire that Canadians know today? That being said, what does a Beavertail look like and for that matter taste like today? Imagine, the shape of a loaf of bread, one that is very flat and fluffy. Now coat that in sugar, could even be flavoured and throw whatever sugary (or savoury) toppings you want on it and voila! You have yourself a Beavertail!

If you are new to the wonderful world of Beavertails, unfortunately they are not the most common vendor around, even in Toronto they are hard to come by unless you find yourself at a special event or a place like Wonderland or the Toronto Zoo! So, make it your priority to stop by one if you ever see one when you are out and about! Next up however, is a list of personal recommendations, and yes there are vegan friendly items!

Strawberry Cheesecake is an absolute classic. For anyone with a refined palette who doesn’t prefer the chocolate overload that some of the other options prefer then be sure to give this pastry a look! With a cheesecake spread, graham cracker crumbs and of course, strawberry jam, it is easy to see why this is one of the more popular items!


Next up we have a vegan option and one of my personal favourites, Apple Pie! It is exactly as it sounds but with a twist...caramel! Yes, this Apple Pie donut comes with a caramel spread that blends the apple slices and the crumble!

beavertail 2 

My final suggestion is a natural disaster, I am of course referring to the Avalanche.

With Skor, a cheesecake spread, and caramel sauce caked onto this tail, it’s a sweet tooth's dream!

beavertail 3

That is a basic overview of one of the most underrated Canadian treats, at least one that is not available to many! If there is any lesson to be taken from this article, it’s that Beavertails need more availability. Be sure to share your favourite Beavertail with us on Twitter, and thank you for reading!

Jaren Roundell