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The Great Indoors: Part 6

By Nathaniel Keefer 

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve done something that you immediately regret?  The moment you did it, you wish you hadn’t?

indoors 2

This guy is about to regret every life choice that led him to be three feet away from a bear.

I had one of those moments this morning.  It was when I left the wonderful embrace of my house’s air-conditioning and stepped into the blistering heat of the outside world.  I wish I hadn’t, but duty called, and I’ll probably regret leaving my lovely air-conditioning for a long time to come…

That doesn’t mean you have to leave the air-conditioning though!  Welcome, once again, to another entry in “The Great Indoors,” the series where I try to convince you to gather some friends and do something inside, away from the hard, hot sun.  Today’s feature: laser tag.

cartoon gun

Yeah, laser.  I'm sorry, there's no "Z."  And while we're at it, it's Berenstain Bears. 

I have spent many birthdays zapping my friends and families in dark corridors, but for those of you less familiar with it, I’ll lay it down for you.  You and a bunch of other people (laser tag facilities can usually accommodate a significant crowd, which is why it’s a good birthday locale) are dropped into a dark maze, often with multiple levels, and must shoot the other players with your gun to score points.  Each player wears a sensor “vest” that has obvious spots to shoot at.  That’s all there is to it.  The games usually last 15-20 minutes.  Then you’re led outside to find out how badly you were beaten by all the eight-year-olds present. 

Nothing will help you against a small child with a laser gun!

indoors 3

You should know it is a VERY popular little kid destination.  If that’s not your scene, you can usually find sessions deliberately designed for older individuals, usually set late at night.  If you happen to have young kids, or nieces and nephews, then nothing will spell a day of fun for them like a game of laser tag.  It’s a really cool family activity, and it doesn’t hurt like paintball does.

Yeah, if that had hit his chin instead, he’d be crying.

indoors 4

Laser Quest, in my humble opinion, is the undisputed king of the laser tag scene.  Best prices, best experience.  They have great birthday party deals, and recently, have added in room escapes (which I have discussed at length previously).  They also have a special game called “Ironman” which takes place late at night Fridays and Saturdays, so you can go without having to worry about playing with kids. 

Here’s their website:

You can watch it in action here.

Grab some friends, take the high ground, and don’t stop shooting!

Yeah, I just checked again.   It really is Berenstain Bears.  See?  

Thanks for reading! I’m Nathaniel Keefer, join me next time for another bit of fun without the sun!