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The Great Indoors: Part 5

By Nathaniel Keefer

Good day! It’s nice to see you again! Metaphorically of course, I can’t actually see you. Anyways, kfetykvdsbuvbthrglhi. 

Sorry, I sneezed and hit the keyboard with my face.  You know why I sneezed?  I was outside, and the outside makes me sneeze.  Don’t worry, I’m in a comfy chair in the air-conditioning now, and if you’re smart, that’s where you are right now as well.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to blow my nose. 

indoors 5 1

Is this guy sneezing, or praying that he'll stop?  Probably both.

Alright I’m back, let’s move on.  Welcome, once again, to “The Great Indoors”, the series where I tell you about a cool activity you and your friends and can partake in without having to sweat under the sun.  Today’s exhibit: Bowling. 

Wow, this guy is doing it wrong. Also, I had no idea there was a bowling alley in the middle of the Nevada desert. 

indoors 5 2

We all know how this works right?  You rent the silly shoes, you get a ball the size of a large coconut and throw it down a wooden lane with the hope of hitting some white pins at the other end and scoring points.  Wow, it sounds really odd when I say it like that, but then so does pretty much every sport.

Two teams of tall people throw an inflatable ball into a peach basket.

Two teams of muscular people run into each other repeatedly with the hope of getting a pigskin ball through two poles.

A bunch of people stand around trying to figure out where their little ball has gone after hitting it a long distance with a tire iron.

See what I mean?  Not very epic when you think about it like that.    

indoors 5 3

Though there's really nothing epic about golf anyways. 

The point is, bowling is common enough, but what you may not know is how fun it is.  Sure, it’s a common children’s birthday party locale, but the game is actually quite challenging, and demands a certain power and control to be really good (or you can put bumpers over the gutters, completely defeating the purpose).

There’s also two versions of the game.  Ten-pin is probably more common, but there is also five-pin bowling.  The two versions are similar, but in five-pin the balls are five pounds (they usually are much heavier in ten-pin), and you only have two balls per frame instead of three.  Five-pin is thus a better choice for children and people with shoulder issues.  Personally, having played both multiple times, I prefer five-pin, but to each his own.

indoors 5 4

Not pictured: The ball flying straight into the gutter.  Happens every time... Hey, he’s got bumpers! Nevermind. pin/pop

All in all, it’s fun, fast, and has some physical activity to it (though obviously not as much as battle archery).  Good for families (especially if you have little ones), couples, and groups of friends. 

Brunswick Bowling is a great place I can recommend personally.  They have a location in Brampton and Mississauga. Here’s the website: They also have an arcade and a laser tag facility, if that’s up your alley.  Hahaha, get it, alley? Because…okay I’ve overstayed my welcome.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading, I’m Nathaniel Keefer. Join me next time, for another bit of fun without the sun!