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The Grand Analog

Toronto Hip-Hop, Dub and R&B group, The Grand Analog are a group of five musicians self-described beat junkies.

grand analog

The band consists of members, lead vocalist, Odario G. Williams, DJ, backing vocals and producer, bass, producer, Warren Bray, Ofield K. Williams, producer and programmer, Alister Johnson, drummer and vocalist, TJ Garcia, saxophonist and producer, Aubrey McGhee.

Aside from making music together, you can find any of these band members DJing at any clubs around the Toronto or Winnipeg area.

Odario Williams from the band says the band is a beautiful mess of rap’n’roll, dub and soul.

The band are a collective all different types of styles, which make them a collective and not strictly tied down to one genre.

Although the band isn’t married to one specific style, as a collective, all members make the band work and become what they are today.

Brothers in the band, Odario and DJ of the band, Ofield says their dad made them fall in love with music, bass and trouble, being a DJ in the 80s, himself.

grand analog 2

Much like their father, they want to stay true to their love of music, and they have with the band name, by using some vintage analog gear, which played a part in making their infectious groove tunes.

The Grand Analog have shared the the stage with The Roots, Big Boi, Future, Little Dragon. They’ve also toured with Canadian, K-os, Bedouin Soundclash, Kardinal Offishall, Cadence Weapon, The Hearbalizer and more.

Their energetic live shows are full of funk, soul and a mixing infrequent stage jams.

You can follow up with the band on their social medias and keep an eye out whenever they announce local shows – that way you catch this band around the city.

To learn more about the band and hear their music, check out their socials, at: Souncloud, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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