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The Four Youtubers You Wish You Went to School With. (In no particular order)

Growing up can be a difficult time. Between the ages of 18-25, you find yourself being pulled in different directions by the influence of your parents, friends, and the media all around you. However, the most important voice belongs to YOU. Part of the reason why these Youtubers have gained such a following is because each of these individuals have been vocal about their coming of age stories and have let users into their personal lives. When everyone teased and criticized their choices, they filtered out all the negativity and pushed onwards.

1. Samantha Ravndahl (BatALashBeauty)

Samantha Ravndahl

Meet Sam. Originally from Kelowna (British Columbia), this talented make up artist shines bright with her expert level highlighting abilities, it’s no wonder this could cause a riot in the streets. I’m joking, of course. However, being an internet sensation makes Sam a target because she is smart, beautiful, and unwavering in her zero-(censored)-given. Why Batalash? Because when Sam was in High School, she wore fake lashes and her classmates thought this was strange. So did she let others dictate how she looked? Heck no. It’s an attitude like that - that makes Sam an idol for aspiring make up artists and young boys and girls. Many of Sam’s videos illustrate the point that- “this is how I do it, but if something else works for you, by all means, do that.” The other half of her videos are a combination of sassy and a cool disposition.

Type of Friend: Sam is your best friend in high school. Loyal, honest, and sticks up for you when you want to wear a short dress to Prom. It’s 2016 for blinkin’ sakes! At the end of the night, you ditch your date with Jeremy for the much preferred movie night with Sam.

2. Gigi Gorgeous (GregoryGORGEOUS)

Gigi Gorgeous

Like the name says, Gorgeous. Meet Gigi. Strong, independent and the leader of an army 2 million strong. As a transgendered female, Gigi has been uploading her story to Youtube from the very beginning. Since then, she has created a following based on the principles of loving yourself and being who you are inside. Gigi even shares the not-so-nice parts of being different, when people despise you for something they do not understand. Caring and charismatic, Gigi always has a smile on her face. She’s going to live her life the way she pleases! After watching just one Youtube, you’ll wonder why you were so afraid to sing out loud.

Type of Friend: Gigi is your warm-hearted drama-free friend. She just wants everyone to get a long. You feel inspired by her kindness and sensitivity. When it feels as though the world has turned it’s back on you, Gigi reminds you that YOU have the ability to choose how you feel about a situation. Choose love.

 3. Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

“Hey guys, it’s Tana Mongeau!” words that you might be familiar with if you’re already a fan. And after this article, you will be. Meet Tana. When Tana was created, the world held it’s breath, because they were waiting to see if she had leadership potential. Not only did Tana lead the team to victory, she proves to everyone again and again that an outspoken woman is both attractive and courageous. Subscribers tune in to hear Tana’s insight and hilarity when life throws her an unexpected curveball. She wants you to laugh at yourself and to stop worrying; everything will be fine.

Type of Friend: Tana is the senior who gives it to you straight. Having been in your shoes, Tana shares her embarrassing stories because she has outgrown the feelings of despair. She knows she’s in control and that starts to rub off on you the more time you spend with her.

 4. Trisha Paytas (Blndsundoll4mj)

Trisha Paytas

The modern day Marilyn Monroe. Meet Trisha. If you always wanted to be a singer, dancer, an artist or anything in the creative field… Trisha has experienced the highs and lows of being a performer. The long hours and busy schedules have her constantly on the move with the uprise of her singing career. Likewise, dance is just as important to Trisha and she feels it gives her a sense of confidence that can only be obtained by strutting her stuff on stage. If you were ever interested in the Arts, I bet you came across someone who told you that you weren’t any good and to stop fooling around. However, you might be more inspired to follow your passion when you hear Trisha tell you in her own words that mentally and physically, she feels restored when she can share her love of performing with the world. 

Type of Friend: Trisha’s bond with you goes beyond friendship; she is your sister. When you ache, shes aches. You need each other in this world and it’s O-K to ask your sister for help.