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The Brunch Files: The Starving Artist

By Alex Cooper (@Alex_Cooper89)

Do you like brunch? Of course you do. Who doesn’t like the delicious combination of breakfast and lunch, which can be enjoyed long after it would normally be acceptable to drizzle hot maple syrup on a warm pancake?

So now comes the hard part; you have decided, you would like to go for brunch, but where to go? In Toronto there are so many options for this seemingly simple meal that it could make your head spin.

Have no fear future bruncher, for I am here to help you make the most important decision of your week; where should we go for brunch this weekend? This is not going to be a top 10 list. Don’t worry there will be no rankings here to make you feel bad about wanting to go to the third-ranked establishment instead of the first because the waffles sound better. Rather, this is simple a recommendation of a delicious place to enjoy brunch where I personally have eaten.

The Starving Artist

The first thing you need to know about The Starving Artist is that everything is served on waffles. Yes, everything. The popular establishment boasts many types of waffles including potato waffles, French toast waffles, vegan waffles and even gluten free waffles.

Eggs Benedict


 My first visit to The Starving Artist was at their St. Clair West location (one of three locations in the city) led me to enjoy a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich. The Monte Cristo features ham, turkey and Havarti cheese placed between two delicious French toast waffles. I was in heaven!  Coming with a side of beans or greens, this dish still makes my mouth water just at the thought of it.

Despite the high level of success I found with my first order at The Starving Artist, the next time I returned I vowed to try another item on the menu. This time I opted for the B. Benny (eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce on potato waffles). You can also get the Waffle Benny, which includes regular waffles instead of potato ones. The B. Benny though made me fall in love with The Starving Artist and it’s now my go-to dish at the restaurant.

Of course, by now you’re probably thinking about when you can get to The Starving Artist, and where do you need to venture to obtain this delicious food. The restaurant has three locations: 584 Lansdowne St., 1078 St. Clair West, and 810 College St. They are open from 9am-6pm daily. The Starving Artist, as its name suggests, also has art for sale. On display around the restaurant one may find various pieces by local artists.

Of note: The Starving Artist is cash only. Make sure to come back for the next Brunch Files for a new brunch recommendation.