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The Brunch Files: Hank’s

By Alex Cooper

Welcome to the third installment of The Brunch Files. Today we will go a bit further than previous brunch excursions, all the way downtown. Although I do not brunch often in downtown Toronto, a while back I had the opportunity to eat at a small, but busy establishment called Hank’s. The name hides the true uniqueness of the restaurant and its delicious food.

Hank’s would be my first true Toronto brunch experience, and after that I never looked back. We had gone to a show the night before, (well, we were supposed to) but when we arrived at the venue only a sign greeted us with the news the show had been postponed. Disappointed but undeterred, we headed back to our hotel determined to not waste the weekend.  

It was a random stroke of luck, or maybe destiny, that while searching for a brunch location for Sunday morning, I found Hank’s on Google Maps. We headed down around 10:30am thinking this small spot on Church Street near St. Lawrence Market couldn’t possibly be too busy on a Sunday morning. When we arrived we found a packed restaurant with a 10-minute wait for seating. Luckily, we did not decide to find another place and waited the line out.

When it finally came time to order I had decided on the breakfast poutine. I had always loved poutine and I always liked breakfast. This sounded like a match made in heaven. How right I was! The mixture of bacon, cheese, egg and hollandaise sauce over beautiful fries was almost too much for my mouth to handle! I thought to myself, why aren’t all poutines made this way?

Breakfast Poutine at Hank’s. (Source:

I even allowed my girlfriend to try some, so she too could experience how delicious a poutine with hollandaise could be. 

Hank’s serves not only brunch, but they are licensed to help you cure that nasty hangover. Serving brunch from 8am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, Hank’s is located at 9½ Church Street, just North of the Esplanade, but south of Front.

I need to visit Hank’s again very soon, but don’t forget to check back soon for more brunch recommendations.