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The Brunch Files: CocoaLatte

By Alex Cooper

Well, fellow brunchers, I hope you enjoyed my last recommendation for brunch in Toronto. In this edition of The Brunch Files I will tell you a little about my experience and recommendation of a small brunch establishment call CocoaLatte.

While I have only managed to visit CocoaLatte once so far in my brunch travels, I do have to say that the experience was a nice one. The café is not large by any means but is well decorated and inviting on the late spring day that myself and my girlfriend went for a late brunch.

I chose the Breakfast Burrito on this occasion and was pleasantly surprised; not only the size of the dish but the delicious hot sauce that was provided to add as one pleased. As I worked my way methodically through the burrito (adding hot sauce as I went to ensure I had the fiery taste all the way through) I began to get full. However, despite my stomach’s insistence that I had reached the limit of food that I could contain, I pressed on. The wonderful taste of the burrito inspired me to go where I would normally not dare to go; well past full.

As is often the case, I chose to have coffee with my breakfast, and despite the variety of espresso, latte and other specialty drinks available, I chose just plain old regular coffee. This suited me fine and was very good despite being the most basic of options. If you aren’t into hot drinks, CocoaLatte also serves a variety of smoothies, milkshakes and lemonades.

I also managed to sneak a taste of my girlfriends waffle while we brunched at CocoaLatte and I can also fully recommend those as well.

(Photo: Instagram)

If you hope to eat at CocoaLatte, you must go a bit earlier than some other brunch establishments, as they only serve breakfast until noon on weekdays and 2pm on weekends and holidays. However, I can assure you it is well worth the early rise! The café is located at 671 St. Clair Ave West, just west of Bathurst and east of Christie.

Make sure to come back for more of The Brunch Files, finding you your next favourite brunch spot.