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Swipe Right for Love: 5 Dating Apps for Torontonians

dating apps

Everybody loves love. To some, finding a significant other is pre-arranged by parents. To others it’s approaching that mysterious guy/gal with their face buried into a book.  Today, finding true love is as simple as swiping right on a smartphone.  

With today’s technology, we are able to record our favourite TV shows, instantly talk to people across the world and speak to a robot living inside our phones.  Basically, with today’s technology we are able to live a much simpler life.  So why not use it for simpler dating?

Simpler dating has taken the form of an app- and the dating app has changed the love game forever. Tinder and Bumble are two of the most popular dating apps currently being used by men and women. Downloading the app, enabling your location and setting up a profile is all you need to start swiping to find the one.

So, if you’re a Torontonian and are interested in a change of scenery in the virtual dating world, check out these apps:

1. Teased is “dating with personality.” Following Tinder’s concept, Teased uses photos in order to attract a love interest- just a little less shallow.  Instead of swiping based on how the person looks, you swipe based on their interests.  The picture can be of the CN Tower alongside a list of interesting information about the person.  Things like their age, hobbies, where they went to high school, etc. 

2. Wander is perfect for the adventurous type- but it’s not a dating app.  Toronto guys and gals who travel frequently are able to post their vacation destination and the app does the rest of the work.  It matches you with other Torontonian singles that are going to the same destination as you.  If you’re interested, hit the “Like” button and you’re sure to have a less-lonely vacay.

3. Flutter is the dating app without the hassle of putting in any information about yourself. It’s the romantic version of Chat Roulette, really.  The app allows for you to find eligible singles in Toronto by watching their live video stream.  In return, they are able to see a live stream of you.  If you’re interested, swipe right. If it’s mutual, start chatting.

4. Sobrr is the perfect app if you’re looking to find someone who is actually interested in sticking with you for longer than 24 hours.  This app allows for you to connect with single Torontonians, but there’s a plot twist.  All messages and pictures will be deleted after 24 hours unless both of you decide you want to “keep” the friendship going past one day.

5. Happn is for all those singles who feel like they have missed an opportunity.  If you’ve ever wished that you had introduced yourself to that good-looking guy/gal, this app will save you from that regret.  Happn uses a GPS to track other Happn users that you have come across that day- chronologically.  Once you find the one, hit the heart beside their picture and if they do the same with you, start talking to someone you could have missed out on. 

By: Julia Colavecchia