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Support National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month: 5 migraine remedies

national migrain

There is an estimated 2.7 million Canadians who have reportedly been diagnosed with suffering from migraines.  This burden puts headaches and migraines among the top 10 causes of disability worldwide.  The month of June has been declared National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month in order to spread the message and raise awareness for individuals suffering from head pain.  

Migraine Canada is a national organization with doctors and health care professionals as their leaders.  This organization intends to raise awareness and start the conversation about various neurological conditions and their physical and mental impact on the human body. This condition’s prevalence is evidently an understatement considering most people who experience and suffer from chronic head pain do not think it is necessary to seek help from a doctor. 

In honour of National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, let’s support the cause and learn 5 remedies to cure or cope with a migraine:

Hot and Cold

Submerge your hands and feet in hot water and put an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas behind your neck just at the base of your skull.  The heat from the water on your hands and feet grabs the blood from your head and pulls it down which results in relieving your headache or migraine.


Although caffeine can cause headaches, ensure everything is in moderation.  Many over-the-counter pain killer medications often contain caffeine in order to enhance its effects. Having a small dose of coffee can ease the pain of an intense migraine.  The right amount can also improve the effects of Tylenol, Asperin and other pain relievers. 

Stay away from the light

Slip into the darkness when you are experiencing chronic head pain. Both artificial and natural light is painful when suffering from a migraine as the brightness can trigger an even greater discomfort.  Take things down a notch and remain in a quiet and dark-lit room in order to ease the pain.

Massage migraine relief

Learn how to properly massage yourself in order to ensure the migraine does not grow and become more painful.  Stretching and massaging the bottom of the scalp and down the neck will stimulate blood flow and cause your body to become relaxed.  This will send the pain away from your head.

Drink water

More often than not a headache is caused due to dehydration. What’s the cure? Rehydrate! Drinking a glass of water at the first sign of your head pain and continuing to drink throughout the day will ensure that your pain will go away. Staying consistent and drinking a lot water as a part of your lifestyle is likely to prevent getting head pain all together. Sports drinks consist of electrolytes and this can also help with head pain caused by dehydration, stress or tension. 

By: Julia Colavecchia