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Rising International Student in Canada

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Canada is emerging as one of the famous destinations for international students recent statistics indicate.

More and more students around the globe are preferring Canada as their prime destination, students are choosing Canada for their higher education and better future opportunities.

According to the report from Royal Bank of Canada, there were 415,000 international students in 2016 compared to 350,000 in 2015, which shows an increase of nearly 18 per cent.

The report from Canadian Bureau for International Education suggest, in 2017, Canada had 494,525 international students, which show that there was 20 per cent increase compared to 2016.

The most recent data from Statistics Canada has shown the rise in a number of international students in Canada from 2004 to 2014, there were 65,934 international students in Canada in 2004-2005, which increased to 123,840 in 2013-2014, making it nearly double the number with 87 per cent increase.

According to the statistics from Global Affairs Canada, nearly all the provinces of Canada have seen the rise in the number of international students.

There were 233,226 international students in Ontario in 2016, which show the increase of 19 percent compared to 2015 and 24 per cent compared to 2014 when there were 195,710 and 187,589 international students respectively.

British Columbia saw an increase of 8 per cent in 2016 compared to 2015 and Quebec saw an increase of 9 per cent.

University of Toronto had 175,000 international students which were more than twice as compared to 2017 and 10 per cent more than 2015.

McGill University is the other example of the universities which have seen the hike as there were 30 per cent international students in the session 2016-17, which is better than the number compared to five years ago when the number was only 20 per cent,  says a report by RBC.

According to the statistics from Canadian Magazine of Immigration, China is the country, which has most number of international students in Canada. India is on second place followed by Korea, France, USA and Nigeria. 

Harmanjeet Singh Gurm.