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Review: Bone Tomahawk

Recently, Netflix began streaming the film Bone Tomahawk, a film from 2015 directed by S. Craig Zahler. The plot revolves around Kurt Russel’s character, Sherriff Hunt, and three other gunslingers tracking down a clan of cave dwelling cannibals who kidnapped the deputy and the wife of one of the men.

The film starts as a straight up western; a small town in the desert, coal powered trains and cowboys at the turn of the century. The plot kicks off with two robbers taking a short-cut through a mountain passage to escape some lawmen, disturbing several small statues and soon being attacked by the aforementioned cannibals.

After the deputy and the wife are kidnapped, everyone thinks natives did it. Before leaving the town, the rescue team learns that the perpetrators are troglodytes, cave dwellers who can no longer be called human. And so, the gang sets off into the desert to find the dwellers.

bone tomahawk

At this point, you would expect just a run of the mill western, by the film quickly takes a turn into horror. The moment the gang enter cannibal territory, one of them instantly gets killed, and the others are captured and brought to the clans cave.

The troglodytes, the main villains, are genuinely unsettling. They never speak, but they make this horn blow that gets under your skin.

I highly recommend Bone Tomahawk to anyone who loves westerns and horror. But be warned, it gets insanely gory as it goes on. 

By Cody Fewer