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Nick Miron:

Hi friend,

I hope you enjoyed listening to Radio Humber's coverage of Canadian Music Week as much as we enjoyed putting it together because, you know, we enjoyed it a lot!

I've never really been to a festival or event like CMW, so to be able to have the opportunity to not only attend, but to also participate behind the scenes, has made my first experience as swell as I ever could have really imagined. But the experience was not without those ever-so-important learning experiences. Oh, those learning experiences!

I learned that no matter how much I prepared, I didn't feel prepared enough. Rookie mistake, because somehow I forgot these are just some cool people who make cool music. And that's what I learned the moment I sat down with Will Whitwham from Pyramid Tropic, who can very much be described as a cool dude who makes cool music. It's kind of hard to be nervous around a guy like Will. On the other hand, when Brooklyn Doran asks you to rap for her, I learned a few nerves are natural. That, and Brooklyn is as nice as her beat-boxing. Like some sort of metaphor that someone wittier than me could come up with, it just got easier from there. Because really, how hard is it to have a conversation with Bike Thiefs? Not very, as I learned in my final interview.

Upon reflection, as the kids would say, I am grateful for the lessons learned and to have been able connect with the community surrounding Canadian Music Week 2016.

Landon Bailey:

Canadian Music Week 2016 was an amazing experience for me this year. In addition to checking out some great conferences featuring industry leaders, I was assigned to interview Canadian music groups (Grand Analog, Honest Heart Collective) and Australian ones (Mabel, Ella Fence) both in person and over the phone.

It was definitely a challenge to become an expert on bands in a short amount of time and prepare original questions that would spark thoughtful answers from the bands. The key for me was to consume as many videos, interviews, and recent info put out by the band to try and get a feel for them and their music… and then channel that through my questions. Once the bands got the feeling that I’d done my homework, I found they gave some great in-depth answers.

While that was great, it did lead to the next challenge: editing their answers. While it's great to get a band chatting overtime, having to choose and condense their answers down to a 3 minute segment proved to be pretty difficult. It helped to play different answers to my other group members to figure out which ones were actually interesting to hear, as sometime you can be a little too close to your work to really know what your average listener cares to hear about.

It was a tiring week - up early for conferences, staying out late at concerts - but definitely worth it. I got to hear cutting edge ideas and debates from industry leaders, learn some new skills, get to know up and coming bands in person, and see tons of live music. Overall, a great experience. Would CMW again.