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Radio Humber Visits the Travel and Trade Show

By Nathan White (@NathanWhiteNDW)

Radio Humber started our day with Dale Ben, who was kind enough to give a quick rundown of the day. The Northern Concourse was full of flags, information booths and people ready to give visitors sample cuisine and answer questions.


Dale told us to go and visit the Greece Booth. We were kind enough to be met By Linda Tran (below) and Carla Lopez. I quickly learned there were lots to eat and a whole lot more about Greece to learn than I was taught in school. They also let me try out their virtual reality headset! I got to stand all across Greece and see for my own eyes what I had been missing out on.

(Photo: Tamoor Hasan)


I was warmly met by Danishe Flemming, who very happy to provide me with an interview. She told me some of the best spots to see in France if you want to experience the culture. She also gave me something called a ‘bread-sil’. It was better than a pretzel, in my opinion. On the topic of food, Danishe told me that if I wanted to try some good treats I should go and try the snacks at England’s booth.


Danishe was right about the snacks. While eating all the appetizers I got a chance to chat with Anna Marko. She told me a lot about English Gardens that I didn’t know and to get lost…in the world’s most visited maze in the world. She told me that my next stop should be the Booth for Turkey.


Travis Barker met me with a firm handshake as I walked towards Turkey’s booth. They had pamphlets, photos, and even a photo opportunity! I learned Istanbul has almost 400,000 visitors daily. It was Travis’ first show and also let me on how his day was going.


The second I got close to Marco Preussner, he put a snack in my hand, and I knew I was going to like him. It ends up the Marco is from Germany and he had lots of knowledge about Barcelona. I learned about the Castle that Disney used in Snow White was based off of a castle in Barcelona called Neuschwanstein (it took me a few tries to pronounce it correctly). He let me know about all the types of Gardens in Germany and was very proud of his country’s beer.


The last person interview was Karina Lopez. She helped me understand the opportunity that students have today and explained the importance that these places have to people. She also told me almost every way that I could travel and get around Venice.

Thanks to everyone at Humber North’s Travel and Trade show for their warm welcome and delicious treats.