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Prozzak Brings Down the House at Danforth Music Hall

Prozzak Brings Down the House at Danforth Music Hall

By Mohsin Mohammad (@das_hat)

The end of the 90's and the beginning of the Millennium was littered with the odd and zany stylings of the two man group Prozzak. Hailing from Toronto, the pair became known for their rather unique rhythmic sound and songs about the quest for ever illusive love, all set to an animated backdrop and the story of two friends. While most people may not remember members Jay Levine (Simon) and James McCollum (Milo), their impact cannot be understated for the internet generation. You've heard their songs, you just may not know it.

Recently on tour in Ontario, I was able to catch up with the pair at Danforth Music Hall. The venue was quickly packed in with the low lighting, fog machines and laser shows that made the early 2000's such a wild ride. The crowd was dressed in the very worst of the 90's fashion sense (in the best way possible) as a pair of cartoon heads were brought on stage. Trust me, it makes sense for these guys.

Opening with “Strange Disease” and closing with “Sucks to be You”, the whole concert can best be described as a tour of the 90's for kids of the same generation. These guys know their audience very well and put on a show targeted to hitting as much nostalgia of the times as possible.

Playing to the crowd, getting a couple kids on stage, throwing Polaroids into the audience, and the animated music videos on a massive screen, Prozzak made DMH the place to be to recapture just a bit of the magic that was the turn of the century. Don't believe me? Check out these shots from the show: