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Provincial Park Camping Hotspots

provincial park

This summer is expected to be hotter than usual which is perfect for outdoor lovers who have been hibernating all winter long. If you’re not a camper you should at least experience it once before you knock it, plus there are so many different ways to camp today. You can rough it the good old fashion way or be a little more luxurious with your stay.

Ontario is such a beautiful province with lots of land so there are actually tones of camp sites, but if you want to check out some well-known provincial camping sites keep reading. Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and discover Ontario.

If you haven’t hit a provincial park yet you should!

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is close by just right on the western edge of Oakville about an hour’s drive from Toronto. It’s an example of what the term “fake Camping means” It’s great for people who are just starting to camp. It’s a giant park with over 400 different sites to choose from, Bathrooms, and, electrical hookups. There’s a swimming pool and many hiking trails to wander off to.

Bon Echo Provincial Park is a little far out of the city, but if you’re up for the road trip and adventure do it up. It’s a 3 hour and 45 minute drive, but it’s a camping paradise. There are so many sites to choose from like canoeing in, driving in, and, even backcountry camping deep in the woods. The scenery is amazing with aboriginal history written along the walls (literally) you can view over 260 aboriginal pictographs carved into the rocks at Mazinaw. You can swim and check out the hiking trails that leads to the 100 meter high Mazinaw rock.

Algonquin Provincial Park is a popular provincial park that is known because it’s the oldest and one of the biggest parks in Ontario. There are 12 different campgrounds to choose from that you can either use a tent, RV or even rent a cabin. This park offers many facilities like bathrooms with showers, laundry, and electrical camp sites. 

Find more information on Ontario Provincial Park’s website here.  

Antonia Altomonte