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Pride Month

By: Antonia Altomonte

      Summer is just around the corner and so is one of the biggest Pride celebrations in the world. This year’s pride festival will mark the 35th anniversary of the Pride parade. Canada has started their first very own Pride month that begins June 1st and it is said that for the first time ever Toronto’s City Hall will be raising the rainbow flag.

      Since the official Pride month is starting June 1st that means there will be many more events and programs going on within the city. The 10 day festival starts on the 24th of June and of course ending with the famous Pride Parade on July 3rd.

       Humber will also be marching in the 2016 Pride Parade this year on July 3rd. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center was recently opened back in October at the North campus. This year will mark our first Pride parade with the resource center being opened and everyone is welcome. Walk with Humber in the Pride parade and you’ll receive a Humber t-shirt that says “We Are Proud”. Go to for more information.