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Prepare Yourself for Humber Lockdown Drills

Humber College is committed to the safety of its students, faculty and staff and they believe the best way to stay true to that commitment is to prepare the community for any and all possible threats. This is why Humber will again be conducting lockdown drills this year, and every year, during the third week of September. These drills set out to prepare students and faculty, as well as test procedures so that Humber can improve and adapt their lockdown program.

In the event of a potentially dangerous individual entering the Humber Campus, the school will enter a lockdown state. It’s important that you are well prepared for the event of a lockdown to ensure you keep yourself and those around safe. Humber College will be conducting lockdown drills at each campus this September. This article will give you all the necessary facts to help you prepare for a real lockdown. Prior to the lockdown drills starting, an announcement will be made over the Public Address system advising the drill is about to start. Said announcements will be heard all over the school, including all classrooms, hallways, common spaces, and restrooms.

Once the drill starts, take the following steps. If you are close to an exit, leave the building and remain outside until the drill ends. If you cannot exit the building, go to an area where you can close and lock the door and take cover in the room until the drill is over, such rooms include classrooms, offices, storage rooms or, dorm rooms, if you are staying in Humber Residence. Do not remain in open, public areas during the drill. Do not go into a washroom. Most public washrooms do not lock and are not a safe place to hide.

Do not open the door if anyone knocks claiming to be staff or the police; it is essential that you wait for the all clear for the PA system. When the drill is complete, an announcement will be made over the public address system and normal activities can resume. If you need any more information, please visit here.

Humber will conduct several drills at different campuses on various dates. This year’s dates will include;


September 17

North Campus:

  • 10:10am
  • 7:15pm (except the residence building during the evening)


September 18

Lakeshore Campus:

  • 10:10am
  • 7:15pm all buildings (except the residence building during the evening)


September 19th

Orangeville Campus:

  • 10:10am
  • 7:15pm


September 20th

  • 10:10am (no need for evening exercise)


September 21st

Lakeshore Campus:

  • 9:30am

North Campus:

  • 11:00am