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Old Man Canyon

old man canyon

Jett Pace is the mind behind the meditative songs of Old Man Canyon. Listening to OMC and paying attention to the lyrics of songs like “Phantoms and Friends” and “Wiser” it’s easy to get lost in thought. What you think about is up to you, but this music is definitely a catalyst for exploring who you are and what you’re doing in life. 

OMC is a West Coast creation that came about from experimentation in many genres and styles of music. Eventually landing on what you hear now, the indie rock, foot-stompin’ folk, mixed with that dazed and stoned feeling. It’s a great mix of the psychedelic, weird, and spaced out, in an easy to groove to indie-pop package. 

The live performance of these songs make for the perfect intimate concert environment. It’s a slower show that still has you dancing around at points but there’s a respect for the music and what’s being said, that fills the room. (Although, Jett tells a story of one show that didn’t exactly feel the whole respect part, listen to my phone call with him, posted below, to hear about it). If you have a chance to go see Old Man Canyon live, grab your significant other, a couple friends, or even go it alone, the atmosphere is sure to be a good one. 

While they were in town for a couple shows, at the Casbah in Hamilton and Lee’s Palace, I called up Jett and had a chat about his musical origins, the tour with Paper Kites, his latest work Delirium, and a story about the crazy heckler, mentioned above.

Here’s how that call went down:

old man canyon delirium 

Look for his full LP Delirium, out January 15, 2016.






Sam Canonico