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North by Northeast: Five Canadian Acts to Watch

North by Northeast is a staple of Toronto’s music scene. The conference curates a selection of artists from an eclectic range of genres, including some upcoming Canadian artists. The all ages, three-day part of the event is set to take place in almost a month, so it’s important to consider which Canadian talent to go out and support when you head to the Port Lands this summer. 

John River: The Mississauga native is bringing his massive momentum to the stage this summer. John River not only received the attention of thousands over the video for his track “Hope City II,” but also went on his inaugural tour in 2016. This is an artist that would be incredibly unfortunate to miss out on, as it is special to witness the rapid rise of Canada’s next hip-hop superstar.

River Tiber: Toronto producer Tommy Paxton-Beesley fuses together a blend of sounds from R&B, hip-hop and alternative music that caught the ears of many prominent artists. Kaytranada and Pusha T are just a couple of heavy hitters to take note of River Tiber and collaborate with him. Witnessing this mixture of sounds and influences live should be a top priority for concert-goers.

Yukon Blonde: Indie-pop group Yukon Blonde has some pedigree coming into North by Northeast. With three albums and immense amounts air play under their belt, they are sure to be Canadian favourites at the conference this year.

Midday Swim: Formed in a woodland cabin, Midday Swim’s music matches their name. Breezy, lush and great for the summer. North by Northeast has their name all over it.

HUMANS: This duo mixes hints of electronic music with catchy, accessible pop hooks. This fusion of styles means you’re not going to get something typical, but you will come away from their performance feeling refreshed by these different sounds, yet at the same time thirsting for more.

By: John Pattee