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New Track Review: “In Undertow” by Alvvays


Toronto-based Indie-pop outfit Alvvays have seized the spotlight with the announcement of a new album. On top of that, the group dropped the lead single from the sophomore project “In Undertow” for fans, their first new material since their breakout three years ago.

In Undertow is without a doubt a return to form for the band. Lead vocalist Molly Rankin is placed at the forefront of the mix more so than in previous releases. Meanwhile, walls of distorted yet gentle and reverb-infused guitar chords take over the background. Sporadic guitar licks and subtle amplifier feedback jump into the track at random moments as well, giving the listener a surprise element that keeps things interesting. All of these factors combined together generate a delightful, cascading journey for the listener.

From a lyrical standpoint, In Undertow glimpses into a relationship in the midst of a watershed moment. “There’s no turning back after what was said” are words that ring on repeat during the chorus, emphasizing the scenario at hand. Further questions and curiosities such as “what’s next for you and me?” are all examples of a mindset that many can understand from their own point of view. 

This subject matter is to be expected when the context of the full album is made aware of. After all, according to Paste Magazine, Rankin did say about the upcoming release that “this record is a fantasy breakup arc and my life nearly imitated art.”  

The new album is called “Antisocialites,” and will be released on Sept. 8 through Polyvinyl Records.

By: John Pattee