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New Track Review: “Fatal Gift” by Emily Haines

emily haines

Fans of Metric are surely gripping on to the idea of potential updates in regards to a new album from the beloved Canadians. However, those updates have not yet arrived.

Fortunately for them though, lead singer Emily Haines dropped a fantastic new track to bide the time. “Fatal Gift” see Haines in a six minute singer-songwriter setting, with an intimate piano melody dancing slowly around her words. While Metric’s music showcases Haines as the focal point of the group’s work, it is never quite to this extent. 

Framing her capabilities in this manner is a delight to listen to. But even more delightful beyond that is the wonderfully synthetic approach that suddenly strikes the listener about two minutes in. Rattling high hats and a dominating kick drum carry Haines’ vocals on a loop as the lyrics “and you own it, and it owns you” drone on. Though using natural instrumentation, it somewhat emulates an electronic song that someone could dance to. Eventually, the song snaps back into another stripped-down verse that provides more thoughts on politics, the economy and trying to get by.

This track gifts Metric fans (and any music fans, really) with another top notch addition towards 2017’s phenomenal singer-songwriter output. Pop music sensibilities mixed with sonically adventurous ideas can make for incredibly captivating music. With “Fatal Gift,” Emily Haines has proved that once again. 

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By: John Pattee