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New Track Review: “Creature Comfort” by Arcade Fire

creature comfort

It’s so close. 

July 28th is the release day for Arcade Fire’s newest album “Everything Now,” their first since 2013’s “Reflektor.”

With this anticipation comes some teasing, and “Creature Comfort” serves as the second glimpse of the new material that the band has released. The first being the self-titled track. 

As for this track, it seems to picking up a few things that “Reflektor” put down. disco and dance-y vibes can be felt as a constant pulse from the get go, just like on the last album. A catchy, looped baseline serves as the focal point of the song after being introduced by a distorted and somewhat aggressive synth line. 

Lead singer Win Butler immediately jumps into blunt commentary on societal downfalls. Self esteem, fame and other hardships of life is the narrative, and seems to get more and more inward-facing for Win with each verse.

The lyrics aren’t the only component of the song writing that seem more vivid. The production itself is a lot more clear and somewhat sanitized compared to some moments off of “Reflektor.” Whether that is a positive or negative factor will be up to fans and their personal loyalties towards different evolutions of the band’s sound. 

Nevertheless, a fun, layered and enjoyable track should leave a taste of optimism on the pallets of anxious, diehard fans. As of yet, further pre-released tracks have not been hinted at, so this may be all we have until the end of July.

Check out the Creature Comfort music video: 

By: John Pattee