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New Barbies: Good or Bad?

By: Tori Fixman


With Mattel’s latest announcement of their new editions to the Barbie collection, people are going crazy. With the edition of the curvy, petite and tall you would think that people would be ecstatic because Barbie finally has dolls that represent different types of woman. As well as the different body shapes they also have revised the original model of the Barbie and have changed the feet and ankles of the Barbie. By doing so Barbie is now able to wear flats or heels no matter what the Barbie just like a real person! 


But where the conflict really seems to be is the fact that though different types of women are being portrayed they are not being portrayed properly according to many outside sources. One celebrity opinion comes from Kirstie Alley, in her tweet she said “I'm glad I was raised in the 50's when a doll was an object, not a role model, & boys could call me a cootie without going to the principal” also saying “Are we seriously going to imply that BARBIE needs to be taken seriously? Jeez bring back 1965 where BARBIE just looked like freak”.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

barbie 3

Kirstie may have a point, the fact that girls are constantly looking at dolls as an influence on their jobs and not just as dolls sounds ridiculous. Unfortunately though, this is the reality of how society operates now. Some could say the media is to blame, which they kind of are, constantly giving examples of what girls should look like and how girls should act. Constant expectations given by society are the reason why these different Barbies were made and unfortunately, society will never change if anything will get worst no matter how hard we try.

In the end, Barbies are just dolls and they should stay that way, especially looking back at the first ever Barbie created it was obvious she was made to play with, not to be looked up to.