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Movie Review: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

By Alex Cooper


If you are going to the movies in the next few weeks and are looking for a laugh, look no further than Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The movie, released July 8, stars Zac Efron, Adam Devine and Anna Kendrick, and is funny, raunchy and sometimes cringe-inducing.

Brothers Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are men who have never really grown up, and as a result ruin any family event with their childish partying behavior. Now it’s time for their younger sister to get married. Mike and Dave are told they need to bring nice girls to the wedding to keep them in line. Unfortunately, these two have no idea how to find a nice girl, so they look to the Internet (promising a free trip to Hawaii in hopes of enticing women to be their dates). Hilarity ensues.

While the plot is predictable (and well, let’s face it, not surprising in the least), the comedic effect of the writing and performance makes the film funny. The comedy in this film does, however, play to a specific audience. Those not fans of vulgar or raunchy sexual innuendos will probably not be fans of this film. I also must warn that there are some awkward moments in the movie, which is a precarious place to be.

Some movies go overboard with these types of scenes, but I found Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates straddled the line quite well. This film is a situational comedy where Mike and Dave find themselves in crazier and crazier situations as the wedding approaches; both while trying to find dates, and then when they get to Hawaii and their dates turn out to be bigger partyers than they are.

The positives: the movie had me laughing consistently throughout, the performances were good (though some of the characters were a bit over-the-top, they seemed to have some actual depth to them), and the writing was also very taut as far as comedies go.

The negatives: not enough Zac Efron topless (no, seriously, I expected way more), raunchy and cringe-inducing at times which is not to everyone’s taste, and the plot was predictable.

Overall ,the movie was not perfect, but I had a great time watching it. If you need a good laugh, and don’t mind a bit of dirty jokes, this might be the movie for you.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates made 16.6 million on opening weekend, far behind The Secret Life of Pets, which hauled in 103.2 million.

Rating: 8/10.