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Meet Micah Erenberg. The Artist with A Missing Toe

micah erenberg

Micah Erenberg is a singer/songwriter from a small town in Manitoba called Matlock. After years of doing live performances with various groups, Micah finally released his debut album, “Poor Mic’s Toe” in the fall of 2016. It is a captivating, easy to listen to project that puts his storytelling ability in songs on display. Each song offers a different perspective from Erenberg’s highly self-aware and crooked compass. The album is a compilation of stories, thoughts and reflections about sleeping forever, losing a toe to a lawnmower (Which actually happened to him), drinking away the seven seas, and everything in between.

Since 2016, the small town Canadian pop artist released a couple music videos, including Somewhere Beyond The Ocean which has eclipsed over 7 thousand views on YouTube and Do It For Love which dropped this past May and has some cool visuals to accompany the trippy sounding song. It is not a music video, but the visuals depict young kids learning and playing as the lyrics he sings are about growing from a young boy into a man. 

micah erenberg 2

This year, Micah has released some good music and has upcoming plans including tour, a new album, and videos. His newest album Love is going to Find You will be releasing on October 4th. The first single shared from the album is Just Who I Am which was inspired by a text conversation with a friend. The song is paired with a new music video as well which is available on YouTube. His newest single out right now is Sunspill which is available on all platforms. Micah will also be hitting the road this summer to continue his Canadian Tour Dates on August 17th.

You can learn more about Micah Erenberg on his website here.

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