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Living On A Budget All Summer ’17 – Fun things to do as a broke student.


Congratulations! you finished College and now your left drained Mentally, Physically and, Financially. After all the hard work, you put in you should be able to enjoy yourself a little bit this summer before you get caught up in the work grind, but it’s hard to have fun with no money or living off of minimum wage, right? 

Well that’s not entirely true! Because I got some budget friendly activities you can check out alone or with friends around the city.

budget 2

1. Take the classic graffiti wall Instagram photo – Toronto is full of amazing graffiti it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it truly adds art and colour to the city. Graffiti Alley is on rush lane just south of Queen Street west. Take a stroll through the alley way with some friends and checkout all the awesome graffiti. Don’t forget to take some sick pics!

budget 3

2. Kensington Market – If you decide to take a selfie at graffiti alley might as well hit up Kensington Market. Kensington market is a cool neighborhood full of culture, good food and, nifty finds!

3. Watch a FREE movie at the Harbourfront – Starting July 5th every Wednesday night you can enjoy a free movie down by the water. It’s the perfect entertainment for a warm summer night.

Click here for the lineup of movies going to be played.

4. Bring TV to Reality and sit in on a criminal trial at a Courthouse in the city – If your feeling edgy and have some free time hit up the Superior Court of Justice and listen in on some wild cases (It could be intriguing). 

budget 4

5. China Town – There’s always lots going down in the busy streets of China town with real authentic Chinese restaurants and cool shops. China Town is the best for delicious cheap foods and trinkets. You can literally find everything and anything with deals and prices that can’t be beat.

The broke student life sucks, but all you can do is make the best of it. I hope you enjoy your summer no matter what you end up doing just remember to have fun.

Antonia Altomonte