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Little Scream’s Big Release

little scream

Montreal-based singer, song writer and guitarist, Laurel Sprengelmeyer, also known as Little Scream has been making music under that name since 2008. 

Little Scream is known for making a blend of folk, pop and art rock music.

She grew up in the United States of America where she studied and learned to play the piano and violin as a child, but that wouldn’t last forever, as Little Scream would make her big move to Montreal, Canada. That’s where she started to become familiar with Canadian music and artists, such as Arcade Fire, The National, etc.

She’s released two albums, thus far and has received great reviews and recognition for The Golden Record which was released in 2011, and the follow up record, Cult Following, that was released in 2016.

Although it’s been 3 years since Little Scream’s last release, she’s making a return in the music world with her new album called Speed Queen, that is set to release this upcoming fall.

Little Scream says Speed Queen is about the dreaming of making it, and feeling desperately close, but missing it. The new album offers a reflection on class and poverty within America. Little Scream gained inspiration for the new album while touring her last album throughout North America. She says she’s “taking it all in from the privileged position of being a new Canadian”, while looking back on her low-income upbringing.

This is something that singer, Little Scream can relate to and speak about personally, as she struggled financially growing up in Iowa, herself. 

Little Scream released a lyric video for the opening song on Speed Queen, called “Dear Leader”.

The video includes several clips that were shot on peoples iPhones that showcased different parts of the world, like, Sāo Paulo, Paris, Barcelona, De Moines, and more.

It also has cameos from other artists, like: The National, Arcade Fire, Superchunk, Holy Miranda, Leif Vollebekk, Mélissa Laveaux, and more. 

little scream 2

Little Scream encouraged people that she knew to capture clips of things they’ve seen and to send them to her.

Little Scream also met a documentary filmmaker, Shannon Walsh who helped her get on board with this, and both of them approached people on the streets, shared stories about life experiences and other heavy topics. 

The point of this video is to raise awareness on the 1000 Cities imitative, which focuses on carbon freedom and climate action plans.

So not only is Little Scream releasing music for her fans and the world, but she’s trying to spread awareness and give back, too. 

The new album also touches on the opiate crisis, in which Little Scream refers to it in her album as a washing machine.

Little Scream also talks about wealthy people who like to adopt the style of the poor and working class in a song called “Privileged Child”.

Little Scream doesn’t hold back as she really touches on many important subjects that other artists would talk about in their music, let alone their album.

Speaking about such real topics and trying to raise awareness through her music and social media platforms isn’t the only way that Little Scream is giving back and using her voice towards a good cause.

Little Scream has also collaborated by releasing not only one, but two charity singles towards the benefit of ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Standing Rock.

She’s also actively been a busy member of Richard Reed Parry’s Quiet River of Dust, along with also touring and co-writing songs from the albums Vol.1:This Side of the River and Vol. 2: That Side of the River.

She also lent a hand in collaborating with artists, such as: The National, The Barr Brothers, Will Butler and Satland, just to name a few.

Little Scream has either been a singer on the some of the songs or played guitar, too. 

Her upcoming album, Speed Queen has a track list of 10 songs:

01 Dear Leader

02 One Lost Time

03 Switchblade

04 Disco Ball

05 Still Life

06 Forces of Spring

07 No More Saturday Night

08 Speed Queen

09 Don’t Wait for It

10 Privileged Child 

The album may come out in the fall, but it is already up for preorder and you can order yours now, too. 

To learn more about the artists, check out her social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and Little Scream will be announcing tour dates soon for her new album, so keep an eye out on her website to see when the next time she’ll be in your city.

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